Videos: Mellow BOMB Thursdays, Wednesday

In which female singer/songwriters Gowri and Pragnya Wakhlu, and Kabir reciters Flameshot Fakirs brought their unique brand of folksy sounds to stage

Pop Team August 22, 2013

August 14, 2013: It’s been quite a while since we heard one of our favourite singer/songwriters Gowri aka Kozmi Cow on the Mumbai stage. We’ve been spending quite the mundane day listening to her quirky satires on Soundcloud. Watching her live on this Thursday Wednesday (owing to the following dry day) at Kino 108 was much like redemption for her Mumbai fans. And she didn’t disappoint. A motley crew of guitarist Vinay Kaushal and co-vocalist Maria Tom took to the stage and performed a close to 30-minute set of tracks like The Sadist Song, Defacto Dead and of course Aunty Ko Kya Hua. There are performers who come unhinged, and then there is Gowri who in her own tongue-in-cheek, subdued fashion will let her lyricism do all the performing. Kashmiri, Delhi-based Pragnya Waklhu brought along her looper for her 30-minute set with songs ranging from Kashmiri folklore to bluesy renditions of Extreme’s More Than Words. Opening the night was Flameshot Fakirs, formed of performers attached to the NSPA who have earlier played at the BOMB Thursdays stage and sing Kabir’s dohas.

We have pictures and videos

Pictures – Dhananjay Mane



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