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An editor’s note from the other side of the keyboard on completing PopSplat’s first year

Sharin Bhatti November 10, 2013

It was a self-chiding and exploratory experiment into the unknown, I will be honest. Backed by years of toiling on newsroom floors – on the desk, on the field, on the web and a passable time in the studio. The idea was always simmering, the vessel was missing. Suddenly there was the bubbling excitement of turning the trained newshound nose into something bigger. There was a need for a fresh and unbiased perspective and that’s what we have been giving to pop culture and politics consumers in India and Indians worldwide. That’s what the magazine, PopSplat.in is doing.

Through the malleable medium that is the internet, we have been able to lend you our unbridled, honest and non-aligned opinion on everything from Music, Film & TV, Style, Food & Drink, draw lists and help you reminisce, offer a take on the socio-political system of India in Politiquo and Opinionate.

Through interviews, previews, reviews, photos and videos we have taken you to the coolest gigs in India and introduced new music from upcoming and established artists to you.

The pluralistic webspaces where we have unapologetically downloaded and watched TV shows alongwith the rest of the world and offered you our critique. Hindi, Punjabi and experimental cinema hasn’t missed our watchful eye either.

Through our DIY, amateur kitchens where we’ve test driven recipes for you to create your own fine dine experience.

We have even rummaged through our wardrobes, and the endless aisles online and in the malls to keep you on top of the current trends and help you create the chicest look for you to wear.

Our activism and skewed imagination has spoken to you through what we consider the nation’s first topical hotboxed cartoon strip Weebo & Slim, and tried to mirror the common man’s angst through the bowels of our socio-political activist protagonist Pinku in Pigeon Shit, Simply Swami and have highlighted India’s shining fools and blunders in Fail Ninja.
We trace and travel through history with a showcase of music styles and their influences on pop music in our periodic podcast playlists called #PopCasts.

None of this would have been possible if not for the undying support and bravery of our writers, designers, photographers and programmers who kept their minds open, pens and wits sharp, their imagination fluid and their opinions sacred. The growing community of online readers are looking for that something extra to take home and it’s only been our army of content creators and curators who have managed to time and again create that impact and made us all think out of the box.

Looking forward in the coming year, we hope to create more groundbreaking and revolutionary content for you, our reader. We will be adding new sections, creating new viral content with video interviews and slick promos. We will be also guiding your focus to the stories that matter and influence our daily lives – the upcoming national elections, the changing state of our constitution, justice system and our policy makers. Our entertainment channels will expand to bring you more news stories, reviews of your favourite shows, recommendations and lists tailor-made for your viewing pleasure and trend stories. In music, we will continue to introduce your ears to the freshest and bravest new sounds.

Thanks dear readers for your undying support. Stay with us for more egg-shattering, pop-breaking, popsplattin’ experiences.Thank you for a great first PopSplat year.



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