Movie Review: Mr Joe B Carvalho

A confusing maze of mistaken identities and misplaced humour get this movie the first “meh” award of the year

Jas January 7, 2014
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If I could get a brain scanner to map director Samir Tewari’s mind, I would really like to know what he was thinking while making “Mr Joe B Carvalho?” Was he aiming for a “Leslie Nielsen & Naked Gun” effect or “Hot Shots Part Deux” or just trying to mess with our head with gagging gags and terrible spoofs?

Here’s the picture: Arshad Warsi plays a bumbling detective called Mr Joe B Carvalho who is mistaken for a international terrorist, Big C aka Carlos (Jaaved Jaffery). Jaffery, on the other hand, is a master… err… “mistress of disguises slipping in and out of some of the best drag acts I’ve ever seen. It was entertaining, I’ll admit to that. Then there is a fat general Copa Bhalerao Gabana (Snehal Dhabi), and his right hand man, Vijay Raaz. Now, while Copa wants Carlos to kill the girl who broke his heart, Raaz wants to kill Carlos. Enter the lady “Dabangg” cop, Shantipriya Phadnis (Soha Ali Khan) with a stern look and washboard abs in stringy bikinis and a gun. All this gets muddled up when Joe mistakes the girl who broke Copa’s heart for his client’s missing daughter. In all of this chaos, there is Joe’s blind mum (Himani Shivpuri) bumping into things and falling off balconies. Not funny.

I guess Tewari did really mean when his film’s poster read: “Leave your brains at home, coz he’s done it too.” Mr Tewari, humse Jo bhi karvalo, par iss film ko yahan se nikalo.



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