BOMB Thursday Goes Metal

Asylum, Trinergic and Last Ride Home to play at the first edition of Metal BOMB Thursday gig

Alden Dsilva January 8, 2014


It’s a brand new year and a brand new BOMB Thursdays. After nearly a year of programming indie, post rock, punk, Hindi rock, electronica, fresh underground and distinctly unmetal acts, fortnightly gig property BOMB Thursdays goes metal for their first gig of the year to be held on January 16, 2014 called Metal BOMB Thursday. Kino 108 will go loud this coming week, playing host to Mumbai groove metal act Asylum who will release their debut EP at the gig and supported by death metallers Trinergic. Post rock band Last Ride Home will be opening the four band lineup. Organisers ennui.BOMB, who are hosting this gig along with Metalabad (this being their debut gig in Mumbai),  are all geared for the most aggressive line up to date . Here’s what you can expect from BOMB Thursdays loudest night yet.


ACT:  Asylum

PLAY: Consisting of Vivek Bhatt on vocals, Anubhav Rattan on bass, Raghu Raj on drums and Abhimanue Gautam on guitars, Asylum first broke onto Mumbai’s metal scene in March, 2010  and since then has seen five guitarists change shred their axes for the band, Gautam being the sixth one. Over time, the band has not only grown in respect among the metal heads of Mumbai, but also have also spent a good amount of time working on their sound and hence have been off the gig scene for a while now.

SOUND LIKE: Asylum prides themselves on the groove metal they play. Extremely heavy, extremely catchy and a mighty ode to a post-thrash sound that is among the newer subgenres to take form, bassist Rattan explains, “when making music, we don’t think of a certain band or genre, we play what comes to our mind. Most of our riffs are rock-and-roll-ish, in fact. But we work on them a lot, refining them ‘till we’re satisfied with how they sound.” “Inmate,” their debut EP, will be released at Metal BOMB Thursday.

AT METAL BOMB THURSDAY: Well, for starters, like we mentioned, Asylum shall be playing the five-track EP “Inmate” in its entirety at Metal BOMB Thursday. Rattan informs, “It’s a huge, huge day for us. We’ve dreamt of having our own CDs ever since we formed the band, and now it’s a reality. We’ve put our hearts and souls into the record, and we hope it does justice.”



ACT: Trinergic

PLAY:  Made up of Rahul Nair on vocals, Kishan Mulani on bass, Nikant Sharma and Sharang Gaikwad on guitars and Emmanuel Paul, Trinergic is a five-member death metal band from Mumbai. While the band began with another name (Dystopia) a little more than a year ago, the moniker shift shift happened only recently.

SOUND LIKE: Being a melodic death metal band, Trinergic’s music is accentuated with extremely heavy guitar riffs spliced with quick solos that are made for just one purpose: to melt your face. The drum work is fairly technical, with off-time signatures and coupled with a thick bass line, the music makes for a compelling set. Add the monstrous vocals vocalist Nair provides, and you know why Trinergic is fast becoming a band to keep an eye on, on the Mumbai metal scene.

AT METAL BOMB THURSDAY: The band is pretty pumped about the gig, as vocalist Nair divulges, “We will be launching our first music video by playing the video at the venue before our set; people who are there will be the first ones to watch the video.”



ACT: Last Ride Home

PLAY: The opening act for Metal BOMB Thursday is Last Ride Home, an alternative/post hardcore band from the city. Formed back in 2009, their current is brothers Deep RK and Dev RK on vocals and drums respectively, Priyam Gadhvi on bass, and Yashish Pansari and Shubham Annamwar, both on guitars .

SOUND LIKE: The band has a very fresh sound as they involve elements of not just alternative rock, but a far bit of post rock in their music. Each of the band’s tracks has a vibe of its own going, just like the intermittence of clean and growl-y vocals that the band does employ. Also, the use of such a fresh approach to their music means an extremely engaging live act to watch and head band to.

AT METAL BOMB THURSDAY: Since PopSplat hasn’t heard from the band about what they will be doing at the gig, we are gearing up for a full surprise set. And we like surprises- at Kino 108 gigs, they normally translate into sheer brilliance.


  • Attend Metal BOMB Thursday on 16 January, 2014 at Kino 108, Andheri East,8.30 pm onwards. Entry Rs 100. Details here.



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