Listen To Rahul Gandhi’s Rabble-Rousing Speech

The Gandhi scion bares his teeth at NaMo, his political detractors and lauds the current democratic upsurge in his first mature address as a prospective leader of the country

Sharin Bhatti January 18, 2014

In a year that could come to pass as India’s most important election year in it’s democratic history, the reigning UPA government lead in the majority by India’s oldest political institute, AICC, has so far only been able to play damage control. The opposition majority, Hindutava BJP’s PMC (Prime Ministerial Candidate) Narendra Modi has minced no words in calling the current leadership everything from elitist, inadequate, corrupt and blind. As NaMo has become the poster leader for this “holographic charisma,” current PMO Manmoha Singh has become the poster for the mute and someone whom we still presume will be Congress’ PMC Rahul Gandhi has been deemed immature and disconnected with his sena. While NaMo has spent the past six months prepping his election campaign and touring the nation, delivering his impassioned speeches to thousands thronging to catch his carnivalesque show, the Congress has been awfully quiet, fielding accusation upon accusation. The political drama became all too cat and mouse with it’s predictable rabid dialogue delivery sounding like a dirge drowning the decade-long reign of the UPA government. And then Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of the AICC gave a powerful address at the annual party meet and made us all sit up and listen. He talked about empowering the poor, a new section of the lower middle class, RTI, Lokpal, corruption and encouraged the Congress leaders and workers to think young and oppose the Opposition. This would be RaG’s first big  moment in India’s political history, the day he spoke up.

This is what we heard: 



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