Comedy Preview: What The Fatwa At The Hive

Oh you read it right alright. Mumbai-based comic Kamal Trilok Singh will pose religiously hilarious questions at new comedy night this Friday

Pop Team February 24, 2014

KamalWhat happens when a DJ and sound engineer from smalltown India (Indore) decides to explore religion? He finds a stage and becomes a stand-up comic. That’s the true story of 27-year-old Kamal Trilok Singh. The advertising professional by day turns into a showman at night. After frequenting the Big Mic for Comedy and Canvas Laugh Factory’s multiple comedy nights, Singh decided to come out of the mandir. He’s bringing his own curated comedy show based on religion called What The Fatwa this Friday, February 28 to the Hive. Besides us doing all the talking, we turned over the mic to the funny man to take us through exactly what What The Fatwa is:

Q- 1. Are you a “religious” comic?
No, I am not a religious comic… In fact, Thank God I am an atheist.

Q-2. Did you go looking for religion, or did religion find you?
Initially religion came to me and then I went looking for more of it. After reading the Mahabharata I realised there was a lot of weird stuff in there that had immense potential to be funny on stage. That’s where the idea came from, and then I dwelled into other religions and landed myself into the crazy world of fatwas. So yeah, I guess it was a little bit of both.

Q-3. How dare you say What The Fatwa!
What the Fatwa is a satirical comedy revolving around the cuckoo that we call religion. Of course as the name suggests it talks about some of the most silly and outrageous fatwas issued by clerics, my favourite being women can’t touch bananas because it resembles a certain male body part. But, the show is equally about other weird stuff from different religions, including my own – Sikhism. So don’t worry I make sure we take the mickey out of everybody.

What The Fatwa

Q-4.What is the strangest thing you’ve heard someone do in the name of religion?
Get married to a dog… Poor dog, I say.

Q-5. As a kid, were you scared of the Devil and prayed to God to protect you? Do you still do?
I was in fact so scared of the Devil, or bhoot (what I call it), that I was a bed wetter. And, of course I used to pray, till I realised that I was an atheist and some time later turned agnostic, because that sounded much cooler. I am extremely spiritual, but still trying to define the fine line between being spiritual and not being religious at the same time.

Q-6. What is the strangest thing you’ve done in the name of religion?
My religion in specific does not really ask for weird stuff… I am planning to do some strange stuff in the name of the religion at What The fatwa… So do come (self promotion)

Q-7. What is the most ingenious fatwa you’ve heard passed in recent times?
There are two fatwas fighting for this one. The first one is the fatwa on wearing AAP caps because they have their party symbol, the broom on the cap and which is in some way un-Islamic. And the second one has to be a fatwa warning Muslims against travelling and settling on Mars. I would have believed they should have been the first ones to go. They could finally get a Jerusalem all to themselves.

  • Attend What The Fatwa with Kamal Trilok Singh at The Hive on February 28, 2014, 8 pm onwards. Entry Rs 200. RSVP here.



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