Beat Blender Gets Func-y

Randolph Correia will play this week’s edition of the weekly electronic music night at The Little Door in Andheri

Sharin Bhatti March 19, 2014
Randolph takes the perfect selfie

Randolph takes the perfect selfie

Welcome to the multiplex of Randolph Correia’s mind, where your spritzer is spiked by a rastafari and there’s a mind-control microchip at the bottom of your tall  box of pop-corn. Who isn’t aware of the maverick musician’s multitasking skills as producer, songwriter and guitarist for bands Shaa’ir + Func and Pentagram. His multiple avatars are a challenge to keep up with, but when you let Correia take over the console, things get downright funky, literally. His DJ avatar formerly known as Func International, now Func gets on the decks to give us a private show of what music sounds like his mind to his audience every now and then. Experimental, reggae influenced, electronic, eclectic – there’s no defining Func’s musicality. At the upcoming weekly electronic music night at The Little Door curated by DJ Reji, Beat Blender, Func will be taking over the console and letting us in on what his Thursday sounds like. We spoke to Correia about his upcoming Func album that’s been in the works from Berlin to Bombay since 2012 and what surprises he’ll be blending for us this week.

Q-1. For the supremely uninitiated, in your own words, introduce Func to listeners who haven’t heard you before.

Func is me Randolph Correia, guitarist, composer and producer of Pentagram and one half of Shaa’ir + Func. Func International is the producer moniker I came up with in 2003 to further my creativity outside of rock music and experiment with electronic music. I wrote three albums then and am just finishing a fourth one after more than 10 yrs. Also Func comes from the word Function, so now you know.

Q-2. It’s awesome to see you play a DJ set in between all the multiple producer/rocker/band mate avatars you pull off on stage every now and then. How do you keep Func going in all the “scene’s” mileu?
DJing, even though I don’t consider myself one, is easier than playing the guitar for me and I have so much music I want to share that I always make the time for that when I’m not on tour.

Q-3. How often does Func take over the console and do you feel it’s often enough?
Actually it’s my friends who push me to do so. Plus a few who have heard my early music.

Beat Blender

Beat Blender

Q-4. Your last album “Skank Be The Rock” was a super reggae version of Pentagram tracks. Admittedly you’re inspired by reggae. Are you going to be playing some reggae at Beat Blender or mixing it up?
Thank you. You never know.

Q-5. When and why did you shift from Func International to Func?
I guess when Monica and I met we were looking for a name to call ourselves and well, since then it’s been Func.

Q-6. What will you play at Beat Blender?
What you don’t like about surprises?

Q-7. Is anything new and record-like happening in the studio of Func?
Yes, the new album. Started work on it two years ago in Berlin and now it’s come to a near finish out here at home.

Q-8. Is Randolph Correia, master producer/mixer/songwriter/guitarist of multiple outfits always in the process of writing a song?
Music has the best of me and I’m always in some kind of process or the other and even if it’s just in my head, it’s busy.

Q-9. Which role is the most challenging and rewarding : producer, songwriter, guitarist, DJ?
I’ts all one big musical experience for me. I don’t really separate them or I’ll go crazy. One love.

  • Catch Func play a heady set at Beat Blender at The Little Door, Andheri on March 20, 2014, 10 pm onwards. Entry free. Deets here



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