Preview: Kanchan Daniel And The Beards To Play Standing Room Only

The blues artist’s new setup will take it’s debut stage, gig to also feature London-based singer/songwriter Sonam Dorjee Lama

Pop Team April 24, 2014

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The Hive is going on a soul experience this Friday, April 25 2014 with two super acts in the form of singer/songwriter Sonam Dorjee Lama and blues band Kanchan Daniel And The Beards performing at Pop Splat’s event, Standing Room Only Vol 6 at The Hive. The event as always is going to be a “Pay-what-you-want” scene. Both of the acts will be playing acoustic sets.

 sonam dorjee lama

Sonam Dorjee Lama

Sonam Dorjee Lama is a Mumbai-bred musician who is now based in London. A former guitarist with the pop rock band Spook, Sonam has also been a metal guitarist with Goa-based band Revpar (now know as Electric Pulse) for five years before that. Since he moved to the UK in February 2013, Dorjee has been working on his solo acoustic electronica project Glassful Of Smoke. “An acoustic solo indie sound with a blues influence” is how Dorjee introduces his music. He continues ” The best way to fit my music into a single genre would be to term it as acoustic post grungy, late 1990s music.” Speaking about his set at Standing Room Only, Dorjee says “Since I do not have my electronic setup with me, I shall be doing a singer songwriter set, which will help me strengthen the acoustic parts for Glassful Of Smoke” Dorjee will be collaborating with his cousin, vocalist Faraz Sohail (Wajood) for his set at the gig. 



Kanchan Daniel And The Beards

If you find the name of the band familiar but not quite so, you could blame it on the subtlety with which the band has renamed itself from The Kanchan Daniel Band to Kanchan Daniel And The Beards. As says the band’s frontwoman Kanchan Daniel, “It was pretty obvious; we are quite literally me and a group of bearded guys, hence the band name. Besides, I like beards a lot.” The blues outfit from Mumbai has Kanchan Daniel on vocals, Kush Upadhyay on lead/rhythm guitar, Mukesh Lobo on the keys, Varoon Aiyer on drums and percussion and Anand Kamath on bass. A band that formed in August 2012, Lobo stresses “We are not a blues band per se; while we do have blues influences, I think soul is what defines our music best.”  Vocalist Daniel however feels their music is blues in its entirety and says, “We make this music because we feel it, man. It’s in our veins.” Speaking about their set at Standing Room Only, Daniel tells us “We are going to be playing a set that’s composed of mainly originals, and also a few covers that we really enjoy. This will also be our first gig as Kanchan Daniel And The Beards”.

Watch this promo we made at The Hive:

  • Attend Standing Room Only Vol 6 featuring Sonam Dorjee Lama and Kanchan Daniel And The Beards at The Hive, Khar West, 9 pm onwards. Entry: Pay what you want. RSVP here.€



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