Become Psy’s Chef For A Month

The South Korean pop star is looking for a cook to travel with him

Shruti May 1, 2022

Want a cool summer job that involves a huge paycheck (by huge we mean $40,000  – Ka ching!!) free around the world travel and five star treatment? The flip side – it’s only for a month.

It does sound like a dream doesn’t it? Well, that’s what South Korean pop star Psy is offering for his chef’s position. The video advert claims you don’t even need to be a good cook but all you have to know is how to ‘mix it up’. If you’re the lucky one selected there will be a two week course to teach you all you need to do. Check out the video below to confirm what you just read if you don’t believe us.

So what kind of a CV do you need for such a job? None at all! Instead, all applicants must upload an original video of their ‘bibigo’ or mixing skills on the website by May 12, 2013. Three finalists will be announced on May 20 after which they will participate in interviews and Psy’s special ‘missions’. The winner will be decided on the basis of an online poll and Psy’s opinion.

Ready to cook some chicken curry Gangnam style? Check out the website for more details of this crazy job.