Mumbai alt-rockers Tough On Tobacco end their ongoing album launch tour at the fortnightly gig series in Mumbai, supported by Tint, Spook and Adam Avil

Pop Team June 5, 2022

Picture: Roycin D’Souza

They’ve been on the road for nearly a month. After spending quite the hot Indian summer hopping about the tropical countryside, Tough On Tobacco will play one last album launch gig for their sophomore album “Big Big Joke” at the fortnightly gig series in Andheri, BOMB Thursdays. While we are not going to sit down and second guess their mostly sporadic setlists resounding to a big, big finish on their must-do Smoke Some Ganja,  we do believe there’s nothing the Mumbai alt rockers from cranking up the band and bringing enough mischief to the stage.  After all, all members are scene vets. Frontman Sidd Coutto, drummer Jai Row Kavi, guitarists Pozy Dhar and Gaurav Gupta, and bassist Johan Pais are much like a dysfunctional, happy family carrying over their madness from Helga’s Fun Castle and Zero to Tough On Tobacco. “Arrey just come for the show. Mad shit will unravel, mad shit,” is all that frontman Coutto let on when being quizzed on their big finish.

Meanwhile listen to their full album here. Look out for quizzical lyricism, sing-a-long grooves and choppy riffs.

Listen to the album:

Also performing will be Kolkata alt-rockers Tint. The one-year old band is fronted by vocalist Tintin, drummer Monarch, guitarist Alex and bassist Johnny. The band is as much known for their music, as their on-stage antics. The band is currently working on their debut record. They released their debut single, Said And Done last year.


Artwork: Namaah Kumar

Mumbai-based grunge act Spook will also bring their recently-released sophomore album, “Lyrical Cynic” to the BOMB Thursdays stage. Their setlist for the gig will “will comprise of originals, most from “Lyrical Cynic.” We still enjoy playing a track or two from our first EP, “Underwaterseabird.” Their might also be a random, surprise cover just for the fun of it,” highlights frotnman Akshay Deodhar. The five-piece act also has Kenneth Wilson (Caeser’s Palace, Slow Down Clown) on bass, Anis Gandhi on keyboard, Michael Lee on guitar and Yohan Marshall (The Family Cheese) on drums.


Opening the show will be rock vet Adam Avil who was the frontman for 1990′s band Greek with brother Eddie Avil and VJ and actor and Luke Kenny. The band was soon rechristened as Pralay. Adam is marking a comeback with new music in the works. At BOMB Thursdays, however Adam will performing solo with his all-time hits setlist:
Lord I need another Chance
Buddha (Instrumental)
Hold my Hand
Keep on Fighting