Videos: FRESH TALENT, BOMB Thursdays, Mumbai

The fortnightly gig series saw performances by The Riot Peddlers, Modern Mafia, Drawing Short Straws, The Beatroute, Alter Nativa

Pop Team July 6, 2022

July 4, 2022: The Riot Peddlers returned to the BOMB Thursdays stage with pretty much the same setlist as they performed at their first time around and the same bassist, Frank Pawar. The difference being that Pawar took off his shirt midway during the gig, which we didn’t mind at all. But clearly the night belonged to Modern Mafia, who in costume and “Spiderman” masks caught us singing along to Green Day’s Basket Case and The Killers’ Carry Me Home.  Of course they had satiated us enough with their formulaic, poppy Superhero and Chewbacca’s Revenge. Drawing Short Straws displayed high energy stunts during their original Predator. Alter Nativa and The Beatroute also performed a mix of originals and covers.


Modern Mafia

The Riot Peddlers

The Beatroute

Alter Nativa

Drawing Short Straws

Pictures - Sushant Sawant




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