“Full House” Cast Help Jimmy Fallon Say Good Night To “Late Night”

Watch Danny Tanner, Jesse Kastapolis and Joey Gladstone reunite for a skit on the talk show

Sharin Bhatti January 30, 2022

It ain’t a goodbye, if it ain’t a skit. Atleast on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” The hillarious talk show host, known best for his surprise musical performances with The Roots, games with celebrities, slow jams with Obama and Mitt Romney…and…dishy Justin Timberlake appearances (Timberweek, History Of Rap, Hashtag), will be moving up in Prime Time entertainment as the new host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” Taking over the reigns from longtime hosting legend Jay Leno, Fallon and The Roots are prepping their act for a more chipper audience. But that didn’t stop Fallon from giving his Late Night fans one last viral goodbye treat. Fallon roped in the cast of popular 1980s sitcom “Full House” for one last skit on Late Night. John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier come into a kid’s room to comfort little Fallon (tucked in his giant pencil bedpost cot in red PJs), who is  terrified of “The Tonight Show.” Coulier does his Joey impressions of Popeye, Woodchuck. Saget’s Danny does his “Wake Up San Francisco” act and of course Stamos’ Jesse gives us an Elvis number. For folks in India, we only just recently got over our “Full House” hangover when popular English channel Zee Cafe aired the show till as recently as 2013. Enough jabbering, here it is.