Salman Khan’s Youngest Impersonator Has Ellen DeGeneres In Splits

All is took were a few lines in Hindi and “Dabangg” moves

Sharin Bhatti February 18, 2022

She introduced the American day time television viewers to Norwegian  parody act Ylvis and their million dollar question What Does The Fox Say? in 2013. And this year, she gave American’s the real, mass-y, Rs 100 crore Bollywood fandom and child obesity in under four minutes. India’s Got Talent’s contestant from the current season, 8-year-old Akshat Singh who’s little potbelly doesn’t deter him from doing splits and head stands, came onto “The Ellen Show” recently and displayed his Salman Khan swagger for DeGeneres. The “Dabangg” uniform and moves were there minus the movie soundtrack. He won himself a miniature low-rider rigged with American flags for coming onto the show, dancing for Ellen and speaking in Hindi. Oh and there was a moral too. “…Motu can also dance.” Yes he can.