Fail Ninja – License To Hooliganism

Fail Ninja - License To Hooliganism

Pop Team September 20, 2022

Mumbai police fails again to control crowds during Ganesh Chaturthi

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Pop Team September 13, 2022

The subtext of this reportage is just wrong

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Fail Ninja – Seeing Green

Fail Ninja - Seeing Green

Pop Team August 30, 2022

Just when you thought Narendra Modi couldn't stoop lower, he does this

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Fail Ninja – Killing Faith

Fail Ninja - Killing Faith

Pop Team August 23, 2022

Defending ignorance with violence

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Fail Ninja – Budget Meal

Fail Ninja - Budget Meal

Pop Team August 16, 2022

Not just one for Rs 15, but eight people can eat in Rs 20, didja know

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Fail Ninja – Lost In Translation

Fail Ninja - Lost In Translation

Pop Team August 9, 2022

Foot in mouth never tasted this great

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Fail Ninja – Sand Storm

Fail Ninja - Sand Storm

Pop Team August 2, 2022

When seeking justice can make you dig your own grave

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Fail Ninja – Raod Block

Fail Ninja - Raod Block

Pop Team July 25, 2022

Where's the time to fill the potholes, when playing blame game is so much fun

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Fail Ninja – In Modi Country

Fail Ninja - In Modi Country

Pop Team July 19, 2022

Meet the most popular "secular" PM candidate

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Fail Ninja – Honouring Violence

Fail Ninja - Honouring Violence

Pop Team July 12, 2022

Like India, even Chile doesn't seem to mind violence against women

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