About Us

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Pop What?

Pop Splat. Ever get that feeling of being amazed at something the moment you get wind of it? You know, that incredible moment of epiphany when everything suddenly makes sense. That’s the egg-splatting, wave-crashing, tub-thumping emotion we are going for. Pop Splat is your one-stop spot for everything you needed to know about what’s happening in the world of culture around you, in your city, on your iPods, in your cinema halls, on your TV sets, in the Parliament, in your kitchens, in your bathrooms. We love culture and we want to share it with you.

What We Preach?

We are your conduits of culture. You’ll find everything on Pop Splat relevant to Culture, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Society, Nightlife, Music, Technology and Politics. We’ll give you a daily dose of everything, we feel, you need to be empowered with when you go out in the world of superheroes, ninja warriors and culture gurus. We preach unabashed, inappropriate and unapologetic knowledge.

Do You Need This?

Do you need to brush everyday? Is protein healthy? Yes. You need this. We want to hear what you want. Initiate conversations, react to stories, think we are not cool? Write to us. Interact with us. You need this. We need this.

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