Fail Ninja – NaMo Cyberbully

Fail Ninja - NaMo Cyberbully

Pop Team February 6, 2022

Things politicians do

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Fail Ninja – Pervy Grandpa

Fail Ninja - Pervy Grandpa

Pop Team January 30, 2022

The government might insist that women are safer now with change in laws, but sexual predators are still attacking the young and innocent

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Fail Ninja – Social Death

Fail Ninja - Social Death

Pop Team January 22, 2022

When Twitter could pronounce a death sentence

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Fail Ninja –  Accident Express

Fail Ninja - Accident Express

Pop Team January 16, 2022

The state of Mumbai's only good infrastructure, the local train, is not as impeccable as it used to be

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Fail Ninja – Burning Train

Fail Ninja - Burning Train

Pop Team January 9, 2022

A ride with Indian railways needs to come with its own set of safety instructions

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Fail Ninja – Chopped Poorly

Fail Ninja - Chopped Poorly

Pop Team January 2, 2022

The cost of being a high flying Indian VVIP is way too high

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Fail Ninja – Misreported Anguish

Fail Ninja - Misreported Anguish

Pop Team December 26, 2021

What happens with Chief Ministers start believing the unreliable TV news

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Fail Ninja – Power Struggle

Fail Ninja - Power Struggle

Pop Team December 19, 2021

The rare matter of too much and in chest-beating vanity

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Fail Ninja – No Love

Fail Ninja - No Love

Pop Team December 12, 2021

No country for one love

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Fail Ninja – Rogue Neta

Fail Ninja - Rogue Neta

Pop Team December 5, 2021

Nitish Rane thinks he has the license to vandalise

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