Pop Team March 6, 2022
March 28, 2022 @ 9:00 pm – Friday @ 1:30 am
31 Hauz Khas Village
2nd floor,New Delhi
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A collaboration between four stunning Rajasthani musicians and the Kolkata-based Indie Band Neel and the Lightbulbs. The lyrics and music attempt to engage the crowd and create a situation where the lines between the crowd and the performers get blurred. Their collaboration with four stunning Rajasthani musicians created Desert Funk which lends a contemporary edge to the age of old form of Rajasthani Folk music. A little about the exemplary Rajasthani musicians:

Gafoor Khan – A young Kartaal and Morchang player Gafoor was with us for the longest duration through the recording period and has played on almost 5 tracks. He comes from a family of musicians in the Jaisalmer district. Explosive and exuberant as a musician. Gafoor exemplifies the phrase ‘Sky is the limit’ with his talent.

Firoz Khan – A bhapang and morchang player from Jaisalmer, Firoz juggles his day time job as hotel employee and his passion for folk music from his state, making sure he practises his craft despite work and financial pressures. We were humbled to see his dedication. His musicality speaks for itself right through his playing on the album.

Kutle Khan – A very well travelled folk musician from Banada village in Jaisalmer district, Kutla brought in depth, experience and charisma to the album. He is a true blue performer who’s soulful and energetic performances are a treat to the ears.

Nathoo Solanki – The elder statesman from Pushkar, Nathoo Ji comes from a lineage of nagara players a traditional drum played in temples of Rajasthan. The skill, dexterity and impeccable musicality he brings to the music with his Nagara is truly amazing.

Neel and the lightbulbs

When a light bulb gets turned on there’s clarity in the room. That’s exactly what happened when Neel, an Indie singer songwriter, jammed with Subhodip , Roheet and Avinash on the songs he’d been writing for the last few years. So they quickly recorded a few songs with a small audience in a house concert, which was shot by a few filmmaker friends of Neel’s. That video became quite popular with online audiences into indie acoustic lyrical music and the gigs started rolling in. that’s how the band was formed. More info