Trailer Talk : Django Unchained

Filmaker Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti western is already tasting fabulous

Shaan Khalifa December 3, 2021
Trailer Talk : Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino does nothing understated. His upcoming western drama “Django Unchained” already has two US trailers, two international trailers and a TV spot teasing his viewers in anticipation. This trailer is the first to release and the best one. The scene opens to the voice of Johnny Cash singing Aint No Grave Can Hold My Body Down. The camera reveals a bare-backed and bull-whipped group of chained slaves walking in a line and moves on to Dr. King Schultz’s (Christoph Waltz) introduction where he shoots the salve traders and unchains Django (Jamie Foxx).

The soundtrack for this trailer is sure to give goose-bumps because of its transient nature backing the even-paced movement on screen. With the high-tempo The Payback (remix) by James Brown playing in the background, a quick conversation between Django and Dr. Schultz fills us in on the plot, coupled with a razor-sharp zoom, ( Tarantino’s Shaw Brothers homage) that reveals our villain Calvin Candie (Leonardo Dicaprio).  At 1:49, the trailer hits full-throttle with visuals depicting the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Vengeance that form the basis of this story (tweaked from the US declaration of Independence: ”Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”). Releasing for the US market in the next 20 days, we’re upset that we have to wait until March to see it in India.

This is the Tarantino Movie for me, considering he’s been waiting to make a full blown spaghetti western from the moment he started bringing the madness in his mind onto the big screen, and in most ways we feel this movie pays homage to all his heroes from Sergio Leone and Sergio Corbucci.

Watch the HD Trailer here