Party With Resident Tint This Saturday

The new weekly nights in Mumbai’s party pitstop, The Den, Bandra, will shuffle residencies between DJs and producers every Saturday from across the country

Pop Team May 3, 2022

Every Saturday night, we hunt for the most awesome parties in town to head. Making choices between over-crowded electronica nights or commercial music in most city clubs, here is an intimate alternative. After WeBop, the dancefloor curators Tint are putting together weekly Resident Tint nights every Saturday at The Den, Bandra. Underground DJs and producers from across the country will be curating hour-long sets at the gastropub where you can dance and wobble to everything from nu-disco, house, tech house, techno, trance and even deep house.

In its second edition, Resident Tint will feature Undefined Dimension and Vandana Bhalla, both city based DJs. We spoke to both the artists individually about what they will spinning this Saturday.

Undefined Dimension

Undefined Dimension is DJ/producer Arnav Banerjee’s stage moniker. The three-year-old act is known for its subtle mixes and loads of deep house. We last caught him playing an unhinged set at WeBop.

Q-1. When did you start spinning?

I have been involved with music for the longest time. But I started spinning dance music in the current format about six years back. Over the last couple of years the urge to play my own tunes has grown stronger. So far under Undefined Dimension, I have released only one single titled Storm in Andres Gil’s label (Refluxed Records). Since then the sound and direction of the project has gone through major changes.

Q-2. What is your style of music and what do you listen to?

Personally I have always been inclined towards the more stripped down style of techno and deep house. I keep switching between tech house, deep house and techno through my sets depending on the set timings and the venue. I listen to almost every style of music except R’n'B and Bollywood.

Q-3. What will you be playing at The Den and how different will it be from what you played at WeBop?

I’m looking forward to The Den as its a much smaller venue and gives a very personal vibe. It’s a good space for me to experiment with my set and make people hear something new. Looking forward to trying out couple of my own tunes, which I have been working on for the last couple of months.


Supporting act Vandana Bhalla started her music career when she was 14 years old. Starting out as a singer and bassist for Pune rockers Headrush, Bhalla quickly traded the band stage for the DJ console experimenting with tribal and bass-heavy EDM.

Q-1. When did you start spinning?

I started DJing in 2010. It was an unplanned move. I had just recently started listening to electronic music then (a lot of trip hop, Radiohead, NIN, Telepopmusik, Groove Armada and Fat Freddys Drop). After a few months of building my library, I thought it would be a fun way to get to learning about electronic music if I were to start with Djing. I went for a few classes but moved on from that superfast and then interned under the resident DJ at 1 lounge, Pune soon after which I took part in MTV & Submerge’s Ultimate DJ Championship. I was one of the 20 finalists nationwide and that’s when my DJ career took off. I moved to Mumbai, and there’s been no looking back ever since!

Q-2. What is your style of music?

I’ve always found it hard to categorise myself into a genre because I have a huge range of sounds that I cover since I play a lot of opening sets for many varied artists, and then I have some headlining slots where I like to bang it a little, but I guess my sound falls in somewhere between nu-disco, tribal and or progressive techno and forest music. I think I’m finally finding a niche sound that I would like to call my comfort zone; and that’s bass heavy,groovy,dark,naughty and trippy - all at the same time!

Q-3. What will you be playing at The Den?

Off late however, I’ve been hooked to sounds like Die Antwoord, Oliver Koletzki, Kink, Eats everything, 16 Bit Lollitas, Animal Trainers, Acid Pauli, Jai Paul, Kolombo, Azealia Banks and the likes. Will be playing some stuff produced by these guys at the Den on Saturday! My set will be lighter and funkier than usual for me, a whole lot of nu-disco and chunky deep house to get everybody warmed up for my awesome friend Arnav (UD). We’ve been wanting to gig together for very long now as we have a mutual love for the sounds we play, and we’re excited that it’s finally coming together! We plan on bringing the roof down in our own way though.


  • Attent Resident Tint on May 4, 2022 at The Den, Bandra, 9 pm onwards. Entry free. RSVP here.