Psy’s Now A Gentleman

The South Korean popstar’s follow up to Gangnam Style is highly chauvanistic

Sharin Bhatti April 16, 2022

We are not blaming him. Psy is now playing poker. He’s got to raise a Gangnam Style and  call a billion-hitting new single. Atleast those are the cards he’s been dealt with on his high-stakes YouTube channel. The pop-dance number has all the makings of being his second sizzling hit. And sizzle it does. Clad in dhoti pants and alternating between a bling suit, Psy changes his clothes like the girls in the video - first mistreating the missy-next-door with his chauvinistic stunts and then getting a taste of his own medicine at the hands of a new sex-kitten. The dance steps are variation of the Gangnam Style horse-riding hop that’s been traded for a sexy pelvic sway. Psy is desperately trying not to fade away into a post one-hit-wonder Macarena oblivion. But is attempting to up his game with a new funky, formulaic, peppy beat. Question is are you falling for it?




  • Manali Shah

    Just watched the video this morning at work and was appalled. I mean I couldn’t even finish watching it. For a minute I wondered if I’m going overboard with my feminism in not liking the video. I’m glad to see you say it’s chauvinistic too!

    • Sharin Bhatti Nair

      Hey thanks Manali. I’m happy you agree with this video being chauvinistic. I think Psy is tryin on a famous RnB artist garb. The women are part of the deal :-p lol