Food Review: Loca Loca, Khar, Mumbai

WTF! now it’s Loca Loca, but really what’s the difference

Shruti April 26, 2022
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Loca Loca opened last weekend as a Cuban styled bar, where gastrpub WTF! was situated in Khar, Mumbai. While the floor layout and bar position remains the same as it had been, the mood of the place has changed considerably with its pastel walls and framed Cuban posters. A matrix of hats and gaily painted shakers (rattles) hang on a wall as the obvious Cuban references. What is quite cute is the row of wooden window frames that greets you even before you enter the space. Comfortable seating in the form of high stools as well as leather armchairs and couches are arranged in both the outside and inside sections.  The lighting is dim enough to create a cosy atmosphere and yet bright enough to read the menu comfortably. Music plays at a comfortable volume which increases as the night progresses but stays under the shout-to-speak-with-your-neighbour level.

The sudden heat wave we’re under got us to our comfortable couch seating under the influence of the much needed air conditioning. As in it’s earlier WTF! avatar, the alcohol prices are reasonable with the average price of cocktails being around Rs 300 and 30ml of Rum (Indian not Cuban) being Rs 100.

Mojitos and Daiquiris are probably the best known Cuban cocktails and Loca Loca did not disappoint with either of them. They serve two variations of a Mojito with the Miami Mojito (Rs 290) being mintier compared to the regular Mojito (Rs 290). We also tried their Vodka grape Sangria (Rs 325) out of curiosity and were presented with a refreshing cocktail of Vodka, wine and crushed grapes. What made us happy was that the cocktails had neither too little nor too much alcohol. The Watermelon Cubanito was unavailable and we’ve marked them out as a priority the next time we come here.

We ordered a portion of the Drunken pork chops to accompany our drinks and were a little surprised to see cubes of meat instead of the chops we expected. We later realised we had been served pot roast beef instead of pork chops. No harm done since no one at the table had any objection and we couldn’t blame the waiter entirely for the gaffe since we hadn’t asked him to ‘repeat the order’ after placing it. We did wish the dish tasted better though. The serving size was much less than generous and the meat in it lesser still. The vegetarian jerk potato skins (Rs 125) were a more generous serving but were polished off much faster. Do note: it is much more fun to eat these slightly sticky deep fried potato skins with your fingers than with a fork. The two page menu consists mostly of starters with a few sliders (burgers) and wraps. We tried the Bbq beef sliders (Rs 230) that was served as four mini burgers stuffed with a beef patty and generous helpings of caramelised onions accompanied by ketchup. The burgers were juicy with patties being well cooked but it could have done with a little more mayo.

For a Tuesday night the bar was packed by the time we left making us wonder what weekends here would be like. We will be heading back again and hopefully will still find an empty table to sit at. Also, we hope to see the menu expand to reflect a little more of the Cuban cuisine.

  • Loca Loca, 8, Vora house, Opp Mumbadevi School, 3rd road, Station road, Khar west, Mumbai