Wear That Look : White

In this week’s summer fashion tip, we tell you how to don the perfect all white ensemble without looking too drab

Namrata Kedar April 24, 2022

Images courtesy: fellt.com/garypepper

Nothing quite says summer like the colour white. Come summer, and all the whites in the wardrobe seem to magically multiply. This summer, the trustworthy colour has taken a new twist. White on white is the new black. An all white outfit has become a trend that was not only spotted on the ramp, but has also dominated street style. This monotone trend looks risqué, but actually involves no or little risk since it’s hard to go wrong with a colour and combination like this. A head to toe white ensemble can feel refreshing and is perfectly in tune with the sultry summers. There are a few simple formulas to make this trend work. Armed with these, you can never go wrong with this trend.

Holiday Mode

Mixing the white palette with brown and camel tones can lend a look that is very light and vacation worthy. It brings to mind images of a stroll along the shore. Think a white maxi dress and a camel tote in hand complete with a straw hat. To avoid the combination of white and white from looking too drab, make an effort to mix textures and materials. Pair those white cotton trousers with a cashmere sweater, or a white leather skirt with a silk shirt. The play of fabrics will make the white look classic and luxe.

Classic Contrast

Black and white is a combination that has been tested through time and is a winner. So when in doubt, add black accents to your all white outfit and you will have a combination that can never fail. Wear a black t-shirt inside your all white pant-suit, or carry a black statement bag that will avoid your all white outfit from looking very one-tone. Belts also come in handy when you want to separate the top and the bottom. Add a solid block of black to break the outfit. The stark black against the white can create a perfect contrast.

Make a Statement

For all those who love statement pieces, this is a good trend for you to experiment with. Statement accessories is a wide term that includes everything from jewelry and lips, to bags and shoes. For all the accessory junkies, pair your monotone outfit with an arm party or statement necklace. You can also experiment with colors here since a hint of color can add a much required element of interest to the outfit. For all those of you who have a massive shoe collection, and can put Carrie Bradshaw to shame, pair your head-to-toe white look with shoes that add a pop of color. Statement lips are trending too, so a pink or orange pout to compliment the look can do the trick in a jiffy as well.