Music Review: “Waking,” SnowShoe

Rahul Nadkarni’s bedroom electronica project is a two-track short replete with atmospheric and hallucinogenic after effects

Alden Dsilva October 18, 2022
  • Songwriting
  • Production
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Mumbai-based electronic project SnowShoe recently released his debut EP, “Walking”. A  side project of Sky Rabbit guitarist Rahul Nadkarni, he plays the guitar, keyboard and samples for Snowshoe and  also involves fellow band member Harsh Karangale on drums. The instrumental electronic outfit is a studio offshoot of the electronic elements by the bandster, and produces material that is an aural treat to a concentrating audience.

Waking Cover

Waking Cover

The two-song, four minutes long “Waking” is a steady composition of atmospheric sounds with a range of multifaceted, almost hallucinogenic feels being the entire premise on which the material is built. While the first track Bedroom Monastery sounds like a minimalist morning trance track leading into an initiation of sorts, there is also a spacey, extraterrestrial feel to the track. Super Swirl on the other hand, makes heavier use of sound samples, and is a journey in itself; a journey replete with multicoloured zebras, eternally-evolving geometric shapes and 1960’s flower power themes. Sure, the EP would seem a lot more brilliant if it had longer tracks, if not for a larger number of tracks, but for the musical shot in the arm the EP is, you can be assured that SnowShoe has good strong potential to be spewing out plenty of recorded material soon.





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