Trailer Talk : Jack Reacher

The new Tom Cruise starring movie may be more about Cruise than about the literary figure

Shaan Khalifa December 3, 2021
Trailer Talk : Jack Reacher

The movie is based on the fictional character Jack Reacher by author Lee Child and was previously titled “One Shot.” Without second guessing, we can be sure actor Tom Cruise, who plays Reacher, will end up giving us parts two, three, four and maybe even five of the movie.

For optimum watching, press play, turn the volume up and switch off your screen. This “Jack Reacher” trailer now suddenly sounds like the next “Mission Impossible’ movie. There’s nothing exciting about any of the movies Tom Cruise is making nowadays and this trailer moves at the same pace and with the same cuts as any of his previous movies. There’s one interesting part around 2:15 when we can’t help but go, ” Oh my God, that’s Morgan Freeman” only for that momentary thought to be quashed.

Enough from us, watch the trailer in HD and let us know what you think about it.