Trailer Talk - Man Of Steel - Official Trailer

Man of Steel and his daddy issues

Shaan Khalifa December 18, 2021


We loved the teaser even though it said so little. The real story of the movie emerges in the official trailer of the movie that released recently. “Man Of Steel” trailer reveals the relationship between Superman and his (adoptive) parents. Multiple re-runs of the TV show “Dexter” ran through my head, while I was watching this trailer, relating Dexter’s complicated relationship with his father Harry. But more than that, “Man Of Steel” is a collaborative effort of mind-blowing talent. Written by Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Night”) with a screenplay by David Goyer (“Batman Begins”), the filmmakers found their Superman in director Zack Snyder, who put his direction and CGI splendour to good use, while displaying his high testosterone quotient. The movie has the heart of Batman and the steamy green screen wonder of “300.” See the man before he becomes Superman, with Nolan’s attention to logic that is evident in all the close-up shots. Look out for scenes around the cape, name, (sans) underwear, his identity and powers that will give the right boot to the more current global audience with no Superman culture  to fall back on. New comer Henry Cavill is looking good as Superman with two big father figures in Jor El (Russell Crow) and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) guiding his way. He has big shoes to fill but this might just smash all box office records, for a Superman movie.

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think.