Music Review: “Made Love To The Dragon,” Workshop

Prepare to be the victim of some serious wanking in the Mumbai comedy metal act’s sophomore album

Sharin Bhatti January 15, 2022

Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija loves his cheese. We have seen it being shredded and baked on “Headbanger’s Kitchen.” And we sure did get much wind of it with his 1980s glam rock-esque stance with Hellwind. But none of his recipes and bakes contain as much of the flavouring of swaggering pomposity  as does his Mumbai-based comedy rock/metal/mayhem band Workshop’s sophomore album, “Made Love To The Dragon.”

The 10-track album took the boys from Workshop two years to record, with line-up changes and multiple studio-rescheduled sessions. The workshop of Workshop, we imagine, was one giant blender of Bollywood corn, a sprinkling of real estate, a dollop of Dhoble and women’s rights, smattering of comedy/cock/rock, healthy portions of being Maharashtrian churned with the milk of pop/rock/metal/punk inspired by a mix of Tenacious D and NWOBHM sounds.

Watch this guitar play-through video of the title track Made Love To The Dragon:

Conceptually, the album hits on relevant mocking-viable topics. There aren’t too many gags as you might think, though there is the occasional dick joke, like a whole song (Nagin Ki Nazar) offering the disclaimer, “Beware of the python in my pants.” Album opener Made Love To The Dragon is a rollicking caricature of making love to a dragon. There is the Bollywood item-girl stagehand rant Munni Jawan VS Sheila Badnam, that quite reminds us their first album, “Khooni Murga’s” Bunty Aur Mallika Sherawat, which interestingly is also on “Made Love To The Dragon.” The barely parodic Blues Motion, though passable is so bombastic that you wonder if while in the workshop, the boys did “smoke some grass” and got carried away while belting the blues. Makhija’s vocals here oscillate between mini growls to punk to bluegrass to country….Meet Workshop, the wanksters of parody.

A bonus instrumental track The Bonuts Song concludes this cheese orgy and frolic with it you will.