Music Review: “Leaving,” Skrillex

The brostep creator delivers a shock-punch of a sound in new

Sharin Bhatti January 17, 2022

The new year started with a big bang for Grammy-winning electronica producer Skrillex, who dropped his sixth EP “Leaving” on January 2, 2013. The three-track sonic boomerang will make you toss your limbs around while in a club, idle listening while riding the train or even crunching numbers on your laptop. The thing about “Leaving” is, it’s the grooviest piece of music you’ll ever hear and you have Skrillex’s former brostep sound to blame for it.

Unlike “Bangarang,” “Leaving” is well paced coupled with smooth vocal shifts lending real feeling to the tack. In the title track Leaving, Skrillex turns down the wobbles to add subtleties of the dark, penetrating bass sounds rather than throttle you with dub-anthems.

The intro to the next track “The Reason” is more simplistic with a androgynous vocal sample looping through drum ‘n’ bass. The hallmark track however is “Scary Bolly Dub.” It’s signature Skrillex sound - vocal screeching, prancing synths and thick bass drops.

You will want this one to stow away in that secret folder in your iPod when you just need to vent.

Listen to the EP here: