Yet another “cafe experience” prove that it isn’t just the dishes on the menu that determine it’s lifespan

Shruti August 19, 2022
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When we moved base from Bandra, the first thing we missed were the restaurants that dotted the suburb. “Eat Deli. Café” opened a few weeks back in the space that used to house “A Chocolate Affair” at Pali Naka. We skipped over rain water puddles on a Monday afternoon and seated ourselves in one of the booths by the staircase leading to the basement. What we hoped for was to enjoy a late lunch snack, but what we got instead left us disheartened.

The café décor isn’t much to talk about with generic dark wood and leather seating in the basement, wooden palettes serving as display shelves on the walls and a mirrored wall to give the narrow café an illusion of space. The only point of interest was the booth seating along the staircase The extensive menu offers an all day breakfast and a variety of salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, main courses and desserts.

Desserts are a sure shot cure to Monday blues and we decided to give into temptation right at the beginning. A Tiramisu cake-shake (Rs 270) and banana with honey yogurt smoothie (Rs 200) quickly found their way to our table before we could feel guilty. A cake shake is as the name suggests, a milkshake made with desserts which in our case was Tiramisu. The cake shake was well made but had little to differentiate it from a good cold coffee. The banana smoothie on the other hand was deliciously subtle without the usual added flavouring. Eat also offers a strawberry and blueberry smoothie that are made with real fruits in season and artificial concentrate at other times of the year.

We went vegetarian with the watermelon, tomato and feta cheese salad (Rs 290) to balance a Middle Eastern chicken and pita bread sandwich (Rs 410) along with a ham and cheese waffle.

“Eat” scores points in its presentation of both the salad and the Pita bread Sandwich. The salad was refreshing though we wished they had been a little more generous with the feta cheese. The chicken and pita bread sandwich however was mediocre with a little too much sour cream and over fried potato wedges.

Unfortunately the ham and cheese waffle wasn’t destined for our table. After two reminders we were faced with a very puzzled server who seemed to have had an amnesia attack. Finally, when it was placed before us we were put off by the grated cheddar sprinkled over the ribbons of ham and melted mozzarella. To make it even less appetising it had been garnished with the chef’s hair. For us, that was enough to spell out an end to the meal.

Some places make you question whether it is the food or service that make you want to revisit a restaurant. “Eat Deli. Café” seems to prove this as at the beginning of our meal we thought of coming back to sample their all day breakfast but by the end, though the food was passable, we weren’t making plans to revisit it in a hurry.

  • Eat Deli. Cafe
    13 A/15, Dheeraj Arcade,

    Pali Naka, Ambedkar Road,
    Pali Junction,
    Near Pali Market,
    Bandra West,

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