Videos: VANS Fresh Off The Wall

Two’s A Crowd, The Vinyl Records and Sky Rabbit perform at Club Escape, Andheri

Alden Dsilva October 8, 2022

October 3, 2013: Andheri’s Club Escape was host to the second edition of VANS Fresh Off The Wall, that saw performances by Delhi’s electro-ambient duo Two’s A Crowd and post punk rockers The Vinyl Records, and Mumbai’s alt rockers Sky Rabbit.

Two’s A Crowd was the first act on stage, comprising of singer Avneet Khurmi and producer Ishaan Juneja. Khurmi’s voice was mellow and sweet at the same time, and had a rare huskiness to it. Add to that the fresh sound of the electro beat, the involvement of compelling sound patches and the perfect marriage of singing and music, and Two’s A Crowd were what got the audience right into the groove of the evening.  Their best songs were Lovers on the Moon and their cover of Gnarles Barkley’s Crazy. Also worth mentioning was a mellow rendition of Daft Punk’s otherwise dance-inducing Get Lucky.

Delhi-based all-girl band The Vinyl Records were up next with their spirited take on indie/post punk music, and they sure were a treat to listen to. To not mention that they were the most chic band Mumbai has seen in a while would be wrong, however, what really was awesome was their vigour on stage. Vocalist Cheyyrian Bark kept the vitality of the band going on and on with her singing and short bursts of keytar play, guitarist Banu Jini played it uber cool with her chord progression, bassist Minam Tekseng added mellowness akin to the bass lines in the compositions by the’s and drummer Mithy Tatak was right in her happy zone throughout the set.  Their best song for the night had to be Apocryphal.

The third band at the gig were crowd favourites, alt rock act, Sky Rabbit, who possibly gave the sweetest, THC-high end to the gig, with their supremely happy music. While their music was at their regular competent best, their set was marred a bit, maybe because vocalist Raxit Tewari seemed to be a bit under the weather. Nonetheless, the perfect amalgamation between the live and programmed music made for a sweet-on-the-ears vibe. Their best songs for the night were definitely Maybe Is Open Tonight and the super popular and breezy, Anti-Coke Ganpati.


Pictures - Dhananjay Mane