T-Pain Puts In Work With RDB

In the Brit Bhangra duo’s new music video “Daddy Da Cash”

Sharin Bhatti December 11, 2021

RDB and T Pain

T-Pain is a busy, busy man. The rapper has been busting rhymes with every whodunnit out there for his upcoming album “Stoicville: The Phoenix.” Barely a few days post releasing the second single of the album, Work, in the NSFW music video of which, the R&B stud is seen posing in a factory where topless women are twerking and strutting their stuff - his longtime-coming collab with Brit Bhangra duo RDB, Daddy Da Cash hit YouTube today. While spitting the occasional auto-tuned to incomprehensible levels rap, T-Pain poses around as the third wheel to bros Manjeet Ral and Surjeet Singh as the duo sing about spending “Daddy da hai cash/ Papa de hai paise.” (as if the two things put together mean something else than synonyms). The song will feature on RDB’s upcoming album “Worldwide.” Photoshopped blue skies against palm trees, Miami road street signs, a Rolls Royce, raining dollar bills, gold coins and the brahs singing about spending the big dough. Some pretty deep stuff right there. The track has been almost a year in the making. This teaser with T-Pain throwing in the typical Punjabi munda greeting of a Kiddan (What’s up in Punjabi), now we can huff, got us all excited in vain. The boys test drove the track earlier this year at MTV VMAI 2013 in Mumbai, with T-Pain making it his first India visit. Dunno about the moolah the song could make, the missing throbby beat and the over-production could just be as dumpy as the idea of the song itself. (Does anyone else also think this could be as forgettable a spectacle that was Singh Is Kinng?) The inanity speaks for itself. Actually, no wait. All the Punjabis and even the non-Punjabis in the house, you watch and decide.