Tritha Returns To Bomb Thursdays

The Delhi-based electro-classical act will be joined by A Mutal Question this week

Alden Dsilva November 6, 2021

Diwali is long gone, but the sparkle remains this week at the fortnightly gig series to be held at  Kino 108, Andheri, on November 7,2013, with Delhi’s Tritha Electric and Pune’s A Mutal Question.

Act: Tritha Electric

Play:  Tritha Electric is what happens when the quintessential musical east-meets-west happens. With Tritha Sinha’s brilliant North Indian classically-trained voice amalgamating with world electronic music, what you get is a highly-scintillating and captivating set, whether live or recorded. While Sinha makes use of her voice, a Tibetan prayer bowl and folk percussion instruments, her fellow band members include Frenchmen Paul Schneiter from Menwhopause on drums and Mathias Durand on guitars.

Sounds Like: Tritha Electric’s set is like we said before, captivating. There are so many emotions and tempers to associate with the music. There is a sense of calmness, yet there is a tone of melancholy somewhat, to their music. What makes their set beautiful is the ethereal feel and atmosphere that the band manages to capture in its music. Worlds apart though the two styles of music are, there is nothing jarring about this form of synthesized music; perhaps epitomizing fusion at its best. Tritha released a debut album, “PaGLi” earlier in the year, and this gig is part of the promotions for the same.

At Bomb Thursdays: Tritha Electric shall be playing at BOMB Thursdays as part of their 10-city tour of the country. says drumme Schneiter,  ”The set at Bomb Thursday will be an explosive blend of Psychedelic grunge and Indian ragas, where everybody is guaranteed to be dancing by the end”

Listen: Watch Tritha perform with Space at a previous edition of bomb Thursdays 



Act: A Mutual Question

Play: Composed of Siddharth Chopra on guitars, Proteesh Ravi on vocals and guitars, Aditya Virmani on synth and keyboards, Karan Kumar on bass, and Aviraj Kumar on drums, A Mutual Question is a post rock band that started like so many others: a group of friends coming together to make music, with the hope of maybe releasing an album. Formed just earlier in the year, fortunately, they stuck around and managed to do just that, and more, having recently played at NH7 Weekender Pune.

Sounds Like: Like most other post rock bands, A Mutual Question’s music is heavy on sampling, coupled with the rawest of sounds that the member’s instruments can make. The band is light on vocals, keep words to a bare minimum and letting the music do the talking for them. The band has earlier released their album, “Eyes Everywhere”, which according to the band “is best described as a painting of different strokes .It is the mutual understanding of various musicians…that collaboration of variety is not as far fetched an idea as we presume it to be.”

At Bomb Thursdays: The band’s keyboardist Virmani is away vacationing, and so the band will be hosting stoner-prog band Drawing Short Straws’ frontman Sunil Marathe to take over keyboard duties.