One Love: Pune’s First Reggae Festival

Pop Team January 17, 2022
January 18, 2022 @ 9:00 pm – Sunday @ 5:00 pm
High Spirits
Survey no 35a/1 Ghorpadi Gaon
Krunk +91 9820546976E-mailEvent website

One Love (

One Love Festival is a 3 day reggae party at Pune’s High Spirits.

Line up

Day 1, 18th Jan, Friday (9 PM to 11.30 PM)

Tough on Tobacco (Live)

Tough on Tobacco is singer-songwriter Sidd Coutto’s talent packed, genre bending, convention defying, wildly funny, brand new live act. The music is a mélange of pop, rock and reggae. More info



Bay Beat Collective (BBC)

The Mumbai-based BBC (Bay Beat Collective) comprising of Kris Correya and Sohail Arora was formed in late 2008 in response to the abundance of standard-issue electronica so often churned out in clubs and bars across the country. Influenced by bass music artists across the board, BBC explores new aural territory, dabbling in styles ranging from drum n bass to dubstep, with a partiality to “phat” basslines and high voltage grooves that are infectious, delicious & supremely funky. More info


Day 2, 19th Jan, Saturday (9PM to 11.30PM)

Delhi Sultanate + Begum X aka Samara C

Born in New Delhi, India but having spent formative years in Germany and the US (Bay Area), Delhi Sultanate, has long pioneered the sounds of Dancehall / Hip Hop and performance poetry in India. In addition to his solo career, he is the MC and a founding member of BASSFoundation, New Delhi’s first Dubstep, Drum ‘n’ Bass and Reggae sound system, as well as lead singer of India’s first Ska and Rocksteady band The Ska Vengers. More info

Begum X aka Samara C

Born and raised in New Delhi, Begum X grew up listening to and being influenced by Jazz from an early age. Her sensual vocals rip the air with a subtle concoction of jazz, blues and rocksteady rhythms, which, coupled with her massive confidence is of course a treat to watch. Well known for her vocals for India’s only Ska outfit Ska Vengers, she also lends her voice to the band ‘Emperor Minge’ and has featured with BASSFoundation and Bombay Basement. Her voice is earthy and sensual with a bewitching power over anyone who lends an ear.

Rudy Roots Selecta

Rudy Roots Selecta have been making this music since 2002! Reggae DJ since 2002 with the “Roots Warriors Sound”, he has played in festivals, clubs and bars in France for many years, but also Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem & north of Israel) in 2009, India (Goa -4 months-, Darhamsala, Mumbai & Delhi), Nepal (Pokhara -2months- & Kathmandu) in 2011 and 2012, Istanbul (Nayah Club), lately back in France, playing a few times in small parties, before going back to Turkey for planting again some seeds in Istanbul.


Day 3, 20th Jan, Sunday (2PM - 5PM)

Reggae Rajahs Live

Reggae Rajahs are India’s first reggae sound system. The trio composed of Diggy Dang, Mr. Herbalist aka General Zoos and DJ MoCity are reggae entertainers and promoters based out of New Delhi. Known for their energetic live performances, the Rajahs released their first single in 2012 titled “Make up your Mind”, and a second single “Ram up the Dance” soon after. More info