What’s Your App

Zee TV is leading the smartphone space by creating multiple applications for their shows

Jas January 29, 2022

If there is one television channel that is in pursuit of ‘appiness’, then it’s Zee Tv. Not only is the channel ‘ap to date’, it’s releasing one with every second show. Last year, it was the mobile application for “DID L’il Masters” that was preceded by an app for Season 3 of “Dance India Dance.” Within three days of its unveiling in March 2012, it reported more than 10,000 downloads and rated 4.7 out of five on the Android App Store. The DID app became a major hit in 25 countries!

Close on its heels, Zee went on to launch “Hero Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2012″ mobile app. Pictures, interviews, dance and music tutorials, latest news, live chats, competition charts – the apps have it all. Then came a divine intervention, and Zee’s religious app rang the bell. Yup, the virtual temple is a first-of-its kind on the Facebook page following Zee’s mythological show, “Ramayan.” A recreation of Ram Darbar, it’s Zee’s divine space and has very interesting features like ring the bell, light a diya, play a choice of aartis, shower flowers and smear haldi kumkum on the deities, break a coconut and even rotate the aarti ki thaliThis will soon be on smartphones too.

From offering prayers to peace offering in Zee’s new show, ‘”Aaj Ki Housewife Hai … Sab Jaanti Hai.” As a tribute to the housewife, the ‘appy’ channel is once again out with an online app on Facebook whereby housewives can upload pictures of their personal achievements and exchange notes with other housewives about the same. 

As for the show, it highlights how “being a housewife is not just a respectable choice but a challenging job that calls for resourcefulness, creativity and tact”. Seriously! Set in Allahabad, it features Sona, a journalist who consciously decides to leave her job and become a housewife. Again, seriously! The show will explore how she applies her intelligence to being a smart housewife, plays her cards well and sets an otherwise dysfunctional family back on track! Is the bahu born to do this clean up act? Anyways, guess she too is in pursuit of ‘appiness!