Weekend Music Fest Face-off: Storm Festival and Sulafest

Audiophiles are having to choose between the annual music fests in Coorg and Nashik from Febuary first to third

Pop Team January 31, 2022

Swarathma will be performing at both the fests

This weekend, small-town India is winning over the usual festival trifecta of Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Pune. Most Indian indie fans are headed to either the sprawling  vineyard of Sula in Nashik or the lush tea estates of Coorg. While the sophomore addition of the Storm Festival will be held in Coorg from Febuary 1 to 2, 2013, Sulafest 2013 will be held from February 2 to 3, 2013. Most fans have had to choose between more than just their preferences between the wine and the tea, given the incredible line-up of artists for both the two-day festivals.

Here is the line-up for Storm Festival of their three-stage setup:

Fusion Stage - Indian Ocean featuring Shankar Mahadevan
Karsh Kale Collectiv
Raghu Dixit Project
                          Papon and the East India Company
Devika Chawla
Anthony Daasan- Yen Party

Singer/songwriter Stage - Raman Mahadevan & Jirka Mucha
Sidd Coutto
Siddharth Basrur
Vedanth Bharadwaj
Michael Dias
Alisha Pais
Anand Vijaysimha

Electronica Stage - Dash Berlin
Michael Woods
Sanjay Dutta
Nikhil Chinapa
Tuhin aka Brute Force
Vachan Chinnappa
Anish Sood
Swing (Storm official DJ)
Dancing Dizorder
Muthanna M aka Kalypso
Adit Achaiah

Here’s the line-up for Sulafest 2013 of their two-stage setup:

Main Stage: February 2, 2013
2pm - 4pm – DJ Baba Robijn
4pm - 5:15pm – Caesar’s Palace
5:30pm - 6:45pm – Vivienne Pocha
7pm - 8:30pm – Irie.FM
8:45pm - 10pm – Dualist Inquiry

February 3, 2022
2pm - 4pm – Saint German DJ Set
4pm - 5:15pm – Whirling Kalapas
5:30pm - 6:45pm – Swarathma
7pm - 8:15pm – Deep Forest Live
8:30pm - 10pm – Gaudi+ Indubious

Electrozone Stage: February 2, 2013
4pm - 5.30pm - Mescalito
5:30pm - 7pm - B.R.E.E.D
7pm - 8:30pm - Gaudi
8:30pm - 10pm - Helium Project

February 3, 2022
4pm - 5:30pm - Swami Harami
5:30-7pm - Baba Robijn
7pm-8:30pm - Sashanti
8:30pm - 10pm - Ankytrixx