Trailer Talk - Savita Bhabhi Movie

India’s sexiest “bhabi” resurrects from the ashes of the famed comic strip into an animated movie

Sharin Bhatti April 22, 2022

If Hentai manga artist Isutoshi’s hugely popular “Slut Girl” series ever found an Indian sistah, it would be creator Deshmukh’s formerly daily run web porn comic series “Savita Bhabhi.” Owing to censorship crackdown in 2009, the year old comic dot com had to shut web. But now she has taken a visual form of a different kind. Series creator Deshmukh has released the trailer of the “Savita Bhabhi Movie” online and the movie is due to release on May 4, 2022 and will be screened on Bhabhi’s newly resurrected website The movie takes a cue from Deshmukh’s experience in 2009 and is a fictionalised sci-fi account of India in 2070 when the Middle-eastern web censorship is now the law of the land. As the trailer points out, “One man, his fat nerdy friend and the hottest fictional character India has ever seen,” will fight the system. We are waiting for a lot of temptress tease, sex and of course computer viruses to rid our nation of web censorship. It’s just another day in the life of Savita Bhabhi.


  • Savita Bhabhi Movie will premier on May 4, 2022 on the website In order to watch the movie online you need to pay a one-time membership fee of $24.95