Videos: Punked!

At BOMB Thursdays’ most epic night yet, Punk On Toast, The Riot Peddlers and Split caused major mayhem and it was brutal

Pop Team May 3, 2022

Picture: Dhananjay Mane

April 25, 2013, Mumbai - No Ashton Kuthcer had nothing to do with this. But there simply is no better way to describe Mumbai’s fortnightly indie gig BOMB Thursday’s last assault at Kino 108, Andheri. The kind that will render you useless by the end of the night. A roomful of 150 odd punksters can hardly cause damage you’d think. How the idea got subverted when Mumbai bands Punk On Toast, The Riot Peddlers and Split took stage. Roaring moshpits and windmills lay many to waste. Scenester Ashwin Sharma celebrated his 29th birthday that night that bizzarely ended with him at a cop station, where he was held for being inebriated. That aside, years post Razzberry Rhinoceros shut down, we don’t recall having such an intimately, awesome time in quite some while. Kino 108 could just become that ghetto space. We’d let the videos do all the talking for this one.