BOMB Thursdays Loudest Night

This week catch Mumbai’s noisemakers Split, Punk On Toast and The Riot Peddlers blow Andheri up

Pop Team April 23, 2022

Artwork: Namaah Kumar

The original scenester Rishu Singh’s fortnightly edition of BOMB Thursdays at the city’s newest ghetto, Kino 108, Andheri is getting louder. Three loaded city bands will be playing their loudest sets yet at the venue. Here’s all you need to know about the bands performing this night.

Punk On Toast

Picture: Parizad D

The four-year-old Mumbai band is full of punks. Literally. Vocalist Aditya helms the four piece band with gutiarist/vocalist Yogeh, Niranjan on bass and Suyog on drums. Their tracks For Hire and I Don’t Know made it to ennui.BOMB’s annual indie compilations “Stupiditties 5″ and “Stupiditties 666.” While the band’s initial years were spent on college show stages, in the past one year the band has taken their noise indoors. The last time we saw them live was at Blue Frog’s Punk Night in 2012 when their set self-destructed. Channeling what we imagined was a Kurt Cobain meets Joey Ramone stance, frontman Aditya led the band’s downward-yet-entertaining spiral when in classic Nirvana ghetto gig fashion their out of time beats, screechy guitars and all over the place vocals on their original track How Does It Feel? We could have answered the question only to be greeted with a “royal fuck to you all?” by Aditya. Broken string and much more confusion later, we ended up joining the mad cheers. It was an epic night. At BOMB Thursdays, we expect an encore.


The Riot Peddlers

Three-piece punk nation (they could rule a nation) The Riot Peddlers is forntman Arun S Ravi, drummer Ashwin Dutt and bassist Frank Pawar’s anti-establishment, stage antics project. The three-year-old band put out their debut EP “Sarkasam” in 2012 and it’s apolitical take on India’s political and social system made for a beautiful mess. The band last performed in Mumbai at the debut edition of BOMB Thursdays when they put up a ten-minute showcase for record vet Seymour Stein. Facing a change in lineup with former bassist Animesh Das parting ways with the band to perform with his other band Solar Deity. Devoid bassist Pawar has filled his shoes, whom the band has recorded with previously on their track Sau Rupiya.  The band is currently working on their second EP and we are more than excited to hear more schismatical material.



Mumbai’s hard rock vets have been going strong since 2001 and their drunken camaraderie on stage has led to many infectious gigs, where we’ve been swept away in many a moshpit/wall of death/jumps and general madness. Frontman Garreth D’Mello, guitarists Melroy D’Mello and Aviv Pereira, bassist Shekhar Mohite and drummer Varoon Aiyer have collectively given us enough cause to follow them through I-Rock, GIR, Eastwind and much more revelry-led college and stadium gigs. The band released their debut album in 2012, Counting Perfume.