Wear That Look: Stripes

Follow our ten rule guide on how to don the lines this season

Namrata Kedar May 20, 2022

Images courtesy: Atlantic-Pacific

No matter where you look, all you see are stripes. Bold and light, vertical and horizontal, monochromatic and neon, they come in various colours and sizes. Stripes are trending this summer and the fact that they are, is common knowledge. The quirky lines were first spotted on the runway and soon trickled down to street style. If you ask me, stripes are like chocolates. That and the classic LBD. They will always be an eternal favourite. Similarly, stripes are always trendy, flatter every body type and hence make for a good investment. They also never go out of style and in-fact just get reinvented every other season. Colour no bar, this seasons stripes are bold, eye-catchy and fun.
For cues on how to wear stripes effectively without looking like the stereotypical prisoner, follow these simple tips.


Even the most fashion elusive person knows this one. Slim body type is not made for stripes that run vertically. It gives an illusion of being skinnier than you are and will conceal your light curves. Similarly, if you have the curves that Indian women are blessed with, keep horizontal stripes at bay. They will only make you look wider.


Compliment your stripes with one-tone solids. So if you are wearing a striped skirt, pairing it with a solid coloured top will not only break the pattern for the eye, but will also enhance the stripes. Go either for a complete contrast, or go for a neutral hue like white or black that blends well with any colour.


Stripes pair well with neon or any other bright colour. Think ice candy orange or emerald. Pair your striped top with a neon skirt or a pair of striped pants with a fuchsia blazer. This helps add a pop up colour that in turn enhances the stripes well.


Mix and match stripes with stripes. Don’t shy away from mixing vertical with horizontals, or monochromes with colours. Go wild and create interesting patterns and fun illusions.


The combination of stripes and florals are a classic. They compliment each other well, and they are both perfect for the summer, as they are for any other season. So for a casual brunch with friends, wear your floral blazer over that striped skater dress.


Going with the print-on-print trend, pairing your striped something with animal prints is a sure winner. Very few can carry this look, but for those of you who think you can rock this, it is a trend you must give a try! Animal prints add an edge to the classic stripes.


Another angle to print clashing besides the stripes and animal prints are polka dots. Two classic styles combined together can never go wrong. Don’t be afraid to wear that striped blazer over your polka dotted dress.


Nautical stripes are an apt trend for the summers. The blue and white stripes reminiscent of sailors, look fresh and light. Even a minuscule element of nautical stripes like blue and white loafers are a good idea. Don’t forget to add a hint of rope to the look to make it more authentic!


Striped accessories are a good way to include stripes into your wardrobe. A striped tote or shoes can add an element of fun to an outfit. Even lesser known accessories such as a scarf or a striped headband can do the trick and add that much need hint of pattern to an outfit.


And lastly, the monochrome. Stripes are not stripes, if they are not black and white. Black and white stripes are classic  and this combination is usually synonymous with stripes. That is good news for us because black and white stripes are easier to pair with than any other kind. Plus, black and white can rarely ever go wrong. Can it?