Videos: Jam Sessions And Feni, BOMB Thursdays, Andheri

The happiest night of the previous BOMB Thursdays gig series saw performances by Dischordian, Flameshot Fakirs, Stella By Starlight and Nirmika & The Few Good Men

Pop Team May 25, 2022


May 23, 2013, Mumbai: Mumbai pop rockers Dischordian played one of their most batty gigs. Frontman Garreth D’Mello and his boys - Howard Pereira, Agnello Picardo and the man-with-many-hands Nigel Rajaratnam - gave a slow-clap worthy performance. The one and a half hour setlist (extended because their multiple last songs was spread over 30 minutes) was made of some of their old (The Old Whore), new (The Curtain, What Do I Do With A Goddamn Razor) songs and an infectious cover (Gloria). Feni, the lyrics sheet and Pereira’s kept travelling through the crowd. Spilling beer, tossing coasters, equipment breakdown (momentarily) all made it quite the gig where we felt we could have easily been at a jampad. Nirmika & The Few Good Men and Stella By Starlight performed 30-minutes sets. Flamsehot Fakirs opened the night with their flavourful and folksy Urdu Kabir poetry.


Pictures : Sukrit Nagaraj