Video: Tough on Tobacco, BOMB Thursdays, Andheri

The Mumbai-alt rockers ended their album launch tour at the gig series, supported by Tint, Adam Avil and Spook

Pop Team June 10, 2022

Tint from Kolkata

June 6, 2013, Mumbai: You can expect moments of complete madness, replete with questionable glances when you have a lineup such as this. A vet rocker (Adam Avil), guerilla punks (Tint), cynical balladeers (Spook) and of course the mavericks of madness (Tough On Tobacco). In the last edition of fortnightly gig series at Kino 108, Andheri, a crowd full of scenesters, partygoers and startled guests found themselves inching closer and closer to the stage area as there literally was something for everybody to groove to. The entertaining posse of Tough On Tobacco brought their album launch tour of “Big Big Joke” to resounding finish with their best-of setlist that included Do What You Gotta Do, ponder-worthy OrdinaryYahweh and Nice and impactful Blow Yourself Away. The surprise of the evening was when birthday boy Randolph Correia (Pentagram, Shaa’ir + Func) hopped on stage with the band for an impromptu birthday jam. The night started with Pralay frontman Adam Avil. The vet rocker took stage in quite some while and performed a 30-minute setlist with classic rock peckered originals with long guitar solos and photo op stances. Kolkata punk rockers Tint traveled the distance to give a hyper-charged performance. Mumbai alt rockers band Spook also performed.



Pictures - Sushant Sawant