Video: Sidd Coutto Covers Pentagram

Mumbai’s superstar musician sings his version of Rock ‘N’ Roll for YouTube series “No Cover Charge”

Sharin Bhatti August 20, 2022

If the Indian indie fan could turn his idols into rockstars, he’d probably plaster Pentagram’s posters all over his room and give the trinity of the King Khans a run for their fame. As musician and host of a number of YouTube shows surrounding the Indian indie industry, Rohit Pereira’s new project “No Cover Charge” is set to prove. In it’s third episode, superstar musician Sidd Coutto covers the Mumbai rockers (Pentagram’s) song Rock ‘N’ Roll, which is also the series second Pentagram song (an earlier episode saw The Lightyears Explode cover Nocturne). Getting straight into it, Coutto turns his bedroom studio into a looper-friendly stage and attempts at condensing the Randolph Correia produced, effects-heavy song into a one-man sound project. Funky as the original, watch this video for the grand jest master entertain as he did with his solo album launch of “Sunny Side Up,” in Blue Frog two years ago. Taking on vocals/guitars/drums and some skadoodling in the middle, Coutto owns Rock ‘N’ Roll Baby!