Videos: Fresh Talent, Bomb THURSDAYS

The kinda gig where we wiggled in, spaced out, and finally, smelled the coffee

Alden Dsilva September 14, 2022

September 12, 2022: It was a rare explosive night at ennui.BOMB’s fortnightly series of indie gigs at Kino 108, Andheri. While the event had hosted fresh talent nights before, this one was truly inspired and anything but lazy. Blues outfit The Kanchan Daniel Band, Bengaluru post / space rockers Space Behind The Yellow Room and Until We Last and Indian ethnotronic duo, Filter coffee brought their unique and resonating sounds to the BOMB Thursdays stage.

The Kanchan Daniel Band were a delight, opening with Jackie, the female namesake of Jack the Ripper. Heavy on soul yet light on the traditional emotion that blues tends to latch on to, the band were at their simplistic best. The highlight of their set was their rendition of LMFAO’s Sexy And I know It, with the Wiggle Mama, Kanchan doing her little jig throughout.

Next up were Space Behind The Yellow Room, brandishing their signature post rock set. Drummer and vocalist Shoumik Biswas was a total animal, balancing both those duties fantastically while also shuttling between the laptop, to play assisted audio samples, and the drum kit with superhuman ease. The star of the band was bassist Tushar Ganguly, who despite an injury and bandaged forehead, played with unparalleled vigour. Their music was emotionally charged to full power, and while each of their songs sounded fantastic, Miscommunication and God Is A Small Boy had us hooked.

The third band for the night was another Bengaluru rock act Until We Last. Their set transported us to a higher realm with their use of dreamy effects, slow and constant finger picking on the guitar, and very relaxed drum play. Once in the zone, however, their music picks such pace and heaviness that you are smashed into an alternate reality, so to say. And that’s exactly what they did. Best songs for the night- Rain and Lifecycle.

Indian ethnotronic act duo Filter Coffee finished the night some super mellow world music, mixing together the sound of the tabla courtesy Swarupa Ananth and Shriram Sampaths’ flute with the electronica, tying improv melodies together. The entire audience at Kino’s 108 was grooving to the sound of the ethnic electronic set, post the heady sets of the night.

Here are some photos and videos:

Pictures: Sushsant Sawant