Mood I’s International Music Festival Ready Reckoner

Music from the world over to add zing and a splash at Asia’s biggest college cultural festival at IIT Bombay

Alden Dsilva December 9, 2021

Counted amongst the biggest and glitziest of college festivals in the country, IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo is one of the most sought after student symposiums, having plenty of international exposure as well, possibly being the grandest music and performance stage on the college scene. Following its long tradition of cultural mix and matches, the International Music Festival to be held between December 20 to 23, 2013 is going to host an array of musicians from the world over, and from the looks of it, is going to be an event you do not want to miss for the world. The line up includes Germany’s Robin Sukroso, Irish bands The Outside Track and Ana Gog, Israeli act Aambolla, French band Flagas’k, and American super group The Neal Morse Band featuring Mike Portnoy. Here’s why you should be at the four day extravaganza. Who: The Neal Morse Band featuring Mike Portnoy Dope on the band: This band is what happens when five of the most talented and versatile musicians in the United States decide to come together, and rip out melodies and magic such that is difficult to fit them into one genre, one mentality of music. While the five member band is composed of Neal Morse on vocals, guitars and synth, and Mike Portnoy on drums and vocals, the rest of the band is composed of Randy George and Eric Gillette both on bass and vocals and Bill Hubauer on synth as well as vocals. The group shall be headliners at Livewire 2013, playing on the first day of the fest itself What everyone is going to be on the watch out most from their set is Portnoy’s pulse stopping drum play, something metal heads and progressive rock fans have been waiting, albeit impatiently, for the longest time ever.  Watch:

Who: Flagas’k Dope on the band: It’s not every day that you come across bands that have a seven member line-up, but when French act Flagas’k, comprising of Antoine Laveau and Thomas Caillé on guitars and vocals, Jérémie Ferchaud on trumpet, Paul Ferchaud on trombone, Paul Henry Jeanneau on bass, François Bienaimé on keys and drummer Brice Barbesange play their set, what you have is a motley assortment of musical styles coming together mixing reggae, rock and roll, French folk music. Their music ensures you do not merely sit or stand in one place, even head bobbing seems mandatory during their set. A thick stir of French suave with the rawness of the flower power era is what describes these guys best!  Watch:  

Who: Ana Gog Dope on the band: Dublin-based Ana Gog formed in 2006, and the rock quintet is composed of Michael Gallen as vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Colm Keenan on percussions and drums, Ciarán McCann on keyboards, electronics and bouzouki, Rob Molumby on bass guitar, piano and vocals, and finally Adam Fleming on guitars and vocals. Music that is more soulful and elementally minimal, Ana Gog mixes traditional folk rock with post rock to concoct a sound that is very organic, and very original at that. An EP and an album later, these guys are as pleasant as the boat ride on the stream, with subtle vocal harmonies and keyboard play,and with a good pair of earphones be ready to be in a new place, even if their music is not ambient.  Watch:

Who: Arambolla Dope on the band: Israeli world music act Arambolla formed not more than half a year back, taking name from its birthplace, Arambol beach in Goa. The band came about as a fellowship between Davide Swarup, who plays hand pan for the band, along with Ofir J. Rock on vocals and guitars, and Soy Smila on the Kamancha. Their music is a journey of sorts, deeply intellectual in nature and capable of garnering strong emotion, even a sense of catharsis, so to say. A band that formed literally out of musicians wanting to jam together and stir up the most natural of sounds in a thick broth of higher consciousness through music, all while making the most of the simplest of musical instruments  Watch:

Who: Robin Sukroso Dope on the artist: There are those who create art with mediums that already exist, and then there are those like Robin Sukroso, who cannot be concerned with using what already exists, but rather on what can be created to create more music. Here’s where his self-made “Acpad” comes into play; what is essentially a guitar has been transformed into an instrument capable of providing percussion, bass, even sound samples, and who knows what else.  While most would imagine this contraption to be just another feeble attempt at fusing different elements of music together, what he plays on it speaks of next level ingenuity, creating psychedelic landscapes and atmospheres, blending electronic and acoustic music to the hilt of musical dexterity. Add to this, his excellent musical sense, and you understand the guy’s drive to go as far as he does to create good music. Watch:

Who: The Outside Track Dope on the band: The Outside Track’s music is what dreamy images of fjords and shires in the Scottish highlands are made of. With Ailie Robertson on harp and electro harp, Cillian O’Dalaigh on guitar and vocals, Fiona Black on accordion, Mairi Rankin on fiddle, stepdance and vocals and finally, Norah Rendell on flute and vocals. What makes their music every bit enticing is how much culture it rolls in with every melody, every note, and what makes it every bit endearing is the fact that the bands loves interacting with its audiences, blending in with distant cultures, and infusing their own wherever they go. This band is what pure folk music is all about, and they emit the very essence of Scotland and Ireland at every show they play. Watch:

  • Mood Indigo’s International Festival takes place from 20-23 December 2013. For ticket registrations to the Neal Morse band featuring Mike Portnoy  show, click here. For details on the rest of the performances, check out the social media page here.