Photos: Bulletproof, Green Ninja Play Premiere Edition Of Standing Room Only

First edition of Pop Splat’s indie gig keeps audiences grooving to a barrage of covers

Alden Dsilva March 19, 2022

March 14, 2022: The Hive saw its first in-house indie gig take place at Pop Splat’s Standing Room Only and the gig featured two relatively new bands, with an opening set by The Green Ninjas and a headliner act by bulletproof. The flavour for the night was covers of songs beating down the boundaries of genre, all while being acoustic.

The Green Ninjas, comprising of Chaitanya Mohan on vocals, Asxem Dlean on guitars and Orenstein Woner opened for the night with a eight-track long set. The fact that the band is one that just formed recently was manifest in the absence of tightness in quiet a few places. Then again, for an acoustic set that is as new as it is, The Green Ninjas hold true promise in the long run of things. The band seemed to be having quite a few issues with the sound, and hence their ability to deliver a squeaky clean set was marred furthermore. The band had Jairaj Joshi joining them on percussion for their take on Shaggy’s Angel, Vertical Horizon’s You Are A God and Bruno Mars The Lazy Song. Also joining the band as guest vocalist was Jonathan Lewis for Incubus’ Drive.

Bulletproof was the headlining act for Standing Room Only, and the band, comprising of Theron ‘TC’ D’Souza on vocals, Abhishek Dasgupta aka Robin on guitars, Akash Sawant on bass and Jairaj Joshi on cajón  did a set again replete with covers, that was refreshingly different from the original songs. Vocalist D’souza seemed to be in an extremely good zone, with a stage presence that reeked of cool-th and unbelievably quick witty humour. But was even more interesting was the vocal pattern that he followed in his singing- often on a different time signature from the ongoing music, D’Souza managed to keep time through out to a perfect T. Doing covers ranging from Machine Gun Fellatio’s Pussy Town to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit to Foster The People’s Pumped Up Kicks, the band left the audience in splits with their very interesting acoustic covers, often just using the lyrics and basic tune structure and then improvising tremendously to spurt out music that was extremely catchy and interesting.

 Pictures - Sushant Swant Photography


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