Krishna Marathe’s “Kesariya Balama” Features On BalconyTV

The electro fusion artist makes an appearance on the online show

Alden Dsilva May 6, 2022

Krishna Marathe’s music is possibly the sweetest sound that the city has been experiencing for a while now: the ambience that her music creates is so subtle, so mellow, it takes electronic music to a whole level of chillness. Marathe received her training in classical Indian music at a young age, but along time, she incorporated elements of both western as well as electronic music into her repertoire. She specifies her genre of music to be Indian-classical electronica, and while electronica forms one part of her music,the other part composes of vocals, guitaring, flute play and

In her latest appearance online, Krishna Marathe plays her rendition of Kesariya Balama  on YouTube channel BalconyTV , hosted by Sidd Coutto, followed by a little chat on her musical roots and leanings. Also, the sea-facing balcony seems to be the best setting for her music.