Preview: The Blues Booster Club To Play Standing Room Only, Vol 8

The super gig also to feature acoustic dance act ADM Revival

Alden Dsilva May 6, 2022


For two months now, music artists spanning a wide spectrum of genres and musical leanings have been playing interesting  sets at Pop Splat’s weekly gig , Standing Room Only. Another week on, Standing Room Only this week features two class acts in ADM Revival and American band The Blues Booster Club. The eighth volume of the gig shall be held at The Hive this Friday, May 9, 2022 from 9 PM to 11 PM. With the Pay-what-you-want scene, you can be assured this is one gig you just can’t afford to miss!


Act: The Blues Booster Club

About the band: The Blues Booster Club is a side project of power blues trio Blues No Bar that was founded in Bandra in 2011 by three American expat musicians. Says guitarist and vocalist Marc Biefnot, “The band had earlier played  gigs at the Blue Frog and the Bandstand Revival Festival. Alas, both the bass player and drummer left India in June 2013, so we continued with a new formula. With no bass player in sight we decided on a unique setup with Evelyn Marolf on vocals, Onur Uskayon Drums and me on guitars and vocals.” As the name of the band itself suggests, The Blues Booster Club has a firm foot in the blues. Biefnot continues, “It is a malleable concept, offering a whole range of soft acoustic to raw and rough electric blues. The guitar is the driving force.” This is going to be the first gig that the band is going to be playing in this setup. Speaking about the upcoming gig, Bienfot says “We will play acoustic renditions of our originals “Creole Pondicherry” and “Horn OK Please” for the first time.  We are very excited about this gig.



Act: ADM Revival

About the band: The Acoustic Dance Music Revival (ADM Revival) is a gypsy jazz and swing project formed in 2013 and composed of Nicholas Vaz, a violinist turned jazz guitarist, Arjun Thakur on bass & Nabeel Lakhani on rhythm guitars. The band has a very simple motto - making hot jazz cool again. As Vaz himself says it, “With an average age of 23, the trio ushers the genre into the next generation high octane swing coupled with extensive improvisation, drawing inspiration from guitar genius, Django Reinhardt” The band has lately played gigs at Cheval and The Breakfast Club. When we asked about their plans for the gig, the band kept their reply pretty open-ended “Hopefully, we avoid getting stuck in traffic getting to The Hive. Besides that, we may do something different, we may not.” The band is in the process of writing new material. For the gig at The Hive, the band shall be playing without their bassist. 


  •  Attend Standing Room Only Vol 8 featuring ADM REvival and The Blues Booster Club at The Hive, Khar West, May 9, 2014, 9 pm onwards. Entry: Pay what you want. RSVP here.