2012: The Year In Review

A roundup of the best and worst in film, television, nightlife, music and politics

Editors December 15, 2021

eotyWe make history everyday. That is a fact. Some of it is consciously made - conceived, designed and executed. Some of it is accidental - unexpected and sometimes unwelcome. The impact is mostly always significant. At the risk of sounding like a discourse is spiritual awakening, this is a time of reflection and we are simply making a note of all the things that became a part of the collective history in pop culture, of the year gone by… this is also part of our contingency plan if the Mayans are proven right (just in case).

Over the next 15 days, we will help you bring 2012 to a glorious end with PopSplat’s “End Of The Year” lists. We will help you relive all the highlights of 2012 -  Salman Khan’s overriding machismo, SRK’s meltdown, Aamir Khan’s social conscience awakening, UPA Government’s final year at the helm of power in India, welcoming the election year in 2013, an undying love for immoral characters on television, internet freedom being compromised, “Life of Pi,” Santana, Slayer and what turned out to be India’s most hectic and prosperous gig season ever, Mumbai’s breakdown, Capital’s win, fear in the North East, “Oh My God.”…

This is also the year when we lost iconic living legends - Pt Ravi Shankar, Jagjit Singh, former PM of India IK Gujral, Balasaheb Thackeray, Jaspal Bhatti, cartoonist T Samuel, Yash Chopra, Rajesh Khanna, poet Muzaffar Razmi, India’s most famous milkman Verghese Kurein, AK Hangal, Ashok Mehta, Vilasrao Deshmukh, father of Indian rock Amit Saigal, Skinny Alley guitarist Gyan Singh. While the world mourned the loss of Neil Armstrong, Michael O’ Hare, mother of chick flicks Nora Ephron, Emily Squires, Whitney Houston, Billy Scott, David Kelly, Adam Yauch, Chuck Brown, Donna Summer, Robin Gibb, Bob Welch, Scott McKenzie, Tony Scott, Michael Clark Duncan. It seemed apocalypse is truly nigh and some of us were even convinced that the “higher power” didn’t want the celebrated living through Armageddon.

Either way, there will be a party in the sky and we are prepared for it - this being the Age of the Aquarius and all, and the God particle being discovered killing all Dan Brown hooks once and for all. Yes it truly was a glorious year.

Before this gets any more dramatic, keep watching this space for all #EOTY lists.

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