Teddy Boy Kill To Perform In Mumbai This Week

The Delhi electronica duo return to the city stage after three years to play at Vans Fresh Off The Wall alongside local indie heroes Blek and The Lightyears Explode

Pop Team August 27, 2022

After ennui.BOMB’s Thursday indie takeover of Mumbai’s gig life at Andheri’s Kino 108, oragnizer Rishu Singh has introduced a new property VANS FRESH Off The Wall. The format will fall in line with the BOMB Thursdays with atleast three or more bands taking stage. “The event aims to provide a platform to the best, most fresh and most exciting sounds coming out of the Indian indie music scene today,” says Singh. While he is yet to decide on periodicity of the event, plans are to take it across the country.


Artwork: Namaah Kumar

At it’s first edition, which will be held on August 29, get ready for some indie bootcamp action with Delhi’s electro-punk duo Teddy Boy Kill (Ashhar Farooqui aka Toymob and Samrat Bharadwaj aka Audio Pervert) who will be playing their first Mumbai gig in almost three years. Joining them will be local indie heroes Blek and The Lightyears Explode who in the past four months have played BOMB Thursdays a total of three times. Both bands promise wildly unpredicatble and new sets. Judging by their previous performances, we are not expecting anything less.

Have a look at their more recent BOMB Thursdays complete sets:

We spoke to TBK’s Ashhar Farooqui about the duo’s set at the Sakifo Music Festival at Reunion Islands, watching Manu Chao live, new material, their upcoming China Tour and all that’s been grooving their world.

Q-1. You recently played the Sakifo Music Festival at La Réunion Island. Share your experience from your set at the fest.
We played at IndiEarth Exchange in Chennai in November last year. That is where we got selected for the IOMMA festival in Reunion Islands. Before we knew, they wanted us for Sakifo too for two gigs. Sakifo was the big one (this year) with its 10th anniversary celebrations. It was great. Manu Chao was headlining. We met a lot of promoters who wanted us and so yeah it worked out sweet. We have a tour of China coming up as a result of all that and also something for North America is on the cards. We have our fingers crossed.

Q-2. What has been keeping you guys busy since you released your debut in 2009? Together as TBK, you guys have made quite a name for your eclectic sounds and guerilla posters. But music wise, TBK hasn’t really released much new music. Why is that?
TBK has written a lot of music since then. Yes, it’s true that we have not released much of it. but our live setlist has boomed. You see our growth has mainly been in how we approach live electronica, that has evolved since “The Exit Plan.” (debut album) A lot of new gear, new sensibilities at using that gear and not being slave to a sequence etc. You know taking electro music out of the studio and still keeping it live and “real” has been quite a journey.

Q-3. Post your single that released last year Breakdown, are you looking at releasing more music. Any EP/Album in the works?
Well yeah, seeds of some new material are in place and in the coming months you’ll be hearing from us. Till then it’s gig time.


Q-4. That last time you two collaborated on a new track made it to Audio Pervert’s new album. Do you have different plans for TBK?
Samrat and I have have been working together for more than a decade. We don’t write music for say anyone label. We just write music. Then it goes where it goes. Samrat was putting the album together and he felt it will be nice to have that track there.

Q-6. What can we expect from the TBK set at the VANS FRESH Off The Wall gig?
Well you can expect a blast! As far as the setlist goes it is not fixed, but yeah you’ll hear a lot of stuff that is new.

  • Attend VANS FRESH Off The Wall On August 29, 2022 at Kino 108, Andheri, 9 pm onwards. Entry free. RSVP here.