NYFW To Bollywood

Braving the raised eyebrows, here’s what we’d like to see the likes of Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif and other Bollywood style “icons” wearing this season

Ayesha Sen October 14, 2022

With both the top-rung Indian fashion weeks closing their curtains recently, we have seen our fill of all front row divas and Bollywood starlets strutting their stuff on the ramp and off it. We took note of their fashion sensibilities, and after poring over all the style statements made at this year’s NYFW, have a makeover option for them. Hot off the ramp in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, here’s what we would like to see Bollywood’s reigning queen bees dressed as. Let us know what your makeover suggestions are.


Anushka Sharma

With long limbs like hers, it’s really a wonder that Anushka Sharma is mostly seen in gowns at public appearances or just at her tomboyish best. That’s why we’d love to see her in this bright Ralph Lauren number. It’s feminine, chic and will give her legs the spotlight without hogging it.


Kareena Kapoor Khan

Ever seen pictures of Kareena Kapoor Khan emerging from the airport? One to rarely ever put a foot wrong on the red carpet, she’s the polar opposite while travelling – sticking to ho-hum tracksuits, leggings and T-shirts. If comfort is key, she should look no further than this Diane von Furstenberg ensemble. It’s relaxed, elegant and sure to make heads turn even after a long flight.


Sonakshi Sinha

Who’s fed up of seeing Sonakshi Sinha in either traditional wear or conservative dresses? We’re drooling over this Wes Gordon outfit, that’s only a wee bit out of her comfort zone. Replace the sheer top with a long, solid one, keep the dare-bare leggings and throw on the cape for a powerful look. Here’s hoping for a massive surprise at her next premiere.


Priyanka Chopra

We know she’s been trying to channel her inner rockstar ever since her I’m-a-music-diva-too phase began. And let alone us, she too is probably fed up of the leather pants, bandage dresses, studs all over and camo prints. Here’s a Diesel Black Gold dress that she’ll find hard to say no to. Rivets replace studs, these slick booties replace those God-awful Louboutins and sexy comes in the way of a tastefully-flaunted midriff.


Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood’s enfant terrible is quite the style maven, and she’s one girl who keeps us guessing. Of late, the hot shorts with tank tops have gone into a bit of overdrive, so here’s a trendier alternative. Don’t want to dress up, Kangana? Rachel Zoe has just the dress for you. Yes, it’s denim, but we haven’t seen it in a dress as cute as this. We’ll leave it to you to quirk it up, but the shirt and gladiators are a good option.


Deepika Padukone

You know those women who don’t care what they’re wearing, because they’re going to look good anyway? Deepika Padukone(much to our envy) is one of those. So we’re going to challenge her with the greatest task of them all – pulling off this Lacoste dress. By no standards is this a mean feat, but if there’s anyone who can flaunt so much sheer without looking as attention-seeking as Veena Malik, it’s this woman. Go on, prove us right, Deepika.



The boys may have been ogling at Katrina Kaif’s curves in that skimpily-clad picture from Ibiza, but we girls had our eyes on her bikini (apart from Ranbir Kapoor). For the actor who’s doing all sorts of stunts in her next film (“Dhoom:3″), we recommend this sporty Tommy Hilfiger swimsuit over a feminine one. And are we the only ones who find this covered up version sexier?


Sonam Kapoor

This girl has done more magazine centrespreads than films, and sported more varied looks than Lady Gaga. But if there’s one vibe we’ve never associated with her, it’s a bohemian, relaxed one. We’d love for her to wear something like this DKNY ensemble. And knowing her, she’s going to ace the look.