Photography Exhibition

Pop Team October 12, 2022
October 17, 2022 @ 11:00 am – October 23, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
Jehangir Art Gallery
Terrace Art Gallery
Kala Ghoda
Mumbai - 400 001
Sumeet Singh

Aqua Kaleido

Aqua Kaleido

Aqua Kaleido

 Sumeet Singh’s exhibits titled Aqua Kaleido furnishes information about a topic beyond the realm of the photo itself.

The artist plays with our convention of perception. He inscribes meaning in images and other cultural constructs during their production and exchange, and so they undergo a perpetual revision of identity in relation to the contexts in which they appear. Because of the dearth of pertinent information on visual orientation, what lies outside the limited representation becomes more and more interesting. In the image itself there`s everything which holds you tight. The pictures are, and they portray more. What sets Sumeet’s work apart from the current fascination with the seductive surfaces, that the digital realm makes possible, is that here technological progress does not become an end in itself, nor does it masquerade as creative freedom. To the contrary, his use of digital technology is based on his systematically increasing demands from it.

In this sense, his art is fundamentally physical, even expressive. Its inherent conflicts are thwarted to the outside. A digital code manifests itself in his photographs, in an otherwise unknown form, as moody and unmanageable; as if something were seeping out from these seemingly anonymous signs that one would never have expected there, a subjectivity that has broken free from the subject. The thirst is real, the water is not.


About Sumeet Singh

An IIM Calcutta alumni and a strategy consultant by profession - Sumeet pursues fine art photography as a passion.

His approach towards photography is minimalistic, and is inspired by the day-to-day objects and scenarios. Photography, he feels, becomes “fine art” if it’s ‘experimental’ and not ‘realistic’. An as-is representation of the world, is realism. Rather, he uses photography as a tool to bring the subject out of the realms of reality and usher it onto the creative realm. Here it loses its preconceived context and translates into an abstract form of art.